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Our main focus

The main focus of CSD is to analyze the workflow of the customer and create the software in an effective way. The creation process is done with long therm practised methods and includes efficient development tools in object oriented environment. All our experts have experience over many years and are spezialized to the effective use of our methods and tools. We support our customers on their complete way from consulting, over development to the implementation and support of software solutions in following areas:

  • consulting
  • analysis/design
  • project management
  • development
  • training
  • support

It depends on the customer if he wants to have his wishes to be realized completely by us or if he chooses a teamwork with his own development team. We also would be glad to share our long them practice with the customer in form of one or more of our experts we can offer. Because of the tight teamwork between our partners we are very flexible and often can support the customer very easy with the expert that fits to his expectations.

The methods and tools we use can be teached by our team. We offer classes over modelling and object orientation. Our tools and and software development base on the computer languages Java and Smalltalk.